waltMy name is Walter Jason Hoyt V, but I go by Walt. I was born in Northern California, a son of two cattle families. Like many other farm or ranching family stories, mine starts with our ranch getting sold. My parents divorced when I was four. I moved around quite a bit while growing up, being raised by a single mom surrounded by horses, dogs and cattle.

Through my life I have had few, but passionate interests. When I was twelve I started rodeoing, competing in team roping. When I was 16, I got my first truck. I’ve always loved trucks and took great care of anything I owned that had wheels and an engine. But at the end of college, with a one hundred dollar pawn shop guitar, I came to terms with my love for music. I always had a passion for it, but never had the confidence to believe in myself.

When I think about growing up, I always remember my mom singing. She had a band for a while, and she would sing to every song on the radio in the truck. I would hum along with the song, an only child to that single mom. She always pushed me to pursue music, but I resisted. Slowly, with her consistent push as well as the push of others, I started to believe that I could not only sound good, but maybe I could do something that made other’s lives better by creating my own unique sound. I owe it not only to my mom throughout my life, but also a guitar that was handed to me by my grandma after my grandpa died in prison on a life sentence. I still play that guitar and although I never got to hear him play it, I like to think if he knew I was playing it now, it would put a smile on his face.

When I was younger, I use to saddle up a horse and ride away. When I got my first truck, I could get it running, and drive away. But when in college, surrounded by city, my guitar became my way out. Each day, as I continue to develop my sound, I am reassured that this is my future and I’ll continue to work everyday to get where I want to be.